Engineering Services

NexOne performs professional engineering duties to include advising, administering, and performing research and other professional and scientific work that involves the application of knowledge of engineering fundamentals. We provide input into activities for continuous improvement of engineering processes/best practices. We also conduct technical analysis and consultation for fact-based decisions to senior leadership, program managers, and field personnel for assigned systems/end items.

Specific areas of expertise include:

    • EFI&T
    • O&M
    • Software/Test Engineering
    • OJT
  • Mechanical Engineering
    • ASIP, MECSIP, OSS&E Analysis
    • Modeling
    • Project Planning
    • Cost Estimating
  • Facilities Engineering
    • Requirements Definition
    • Project Planning
    • Cost Estimating

In Action

NexOne provides senior-level hardware and software support to the F-16 Avionics Program managed within the 501 ACSS/GFLA and 508 ACSG/ENL at Hill AFB, UT. NexOne’s engineers provide direct support to multiple avionics modifications programs; specifically, but not limited to, Software Capabilities Update 8 and 9 (SCU8 and SCU9), ARC-210 Secure Line of Sight, ARC-210 Beyond Line of Sight, and Digital Video Recorder, Bus Network Enhancements, Center Display and Helmet Mounted Cuing System programs. NexOne’s team of F-16 engineers have decades of experience and are skilled in Air Force logistics, configuration management, system engineering, production management, Kit/Mod management, and financial management.